8 maja 2024
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EEC Startup Review

Terrabio sp. z o.o.

Terrabio sp. z o.o.

HEALTH & BIOTECHNOLOGY Medycyna, zdrowie, technologie medyczne, farmacja, biotechnologia

Terrabio™ is a biotechnology company developing a fully automated pathogen (bacteria, viruses, fungi, mutations, parasites) detection rt PCR platform for use at the site of sample collection, responding to the global market demand of having fast, reliable and efficient quality veryfication system with direct feedfback to the process owners. Our platform consists of an extremely compact thermocycler and dedicated rtPCR assays that offer maximally simplified testing process with results available in less than one hour. We develop for food safety, water safety and modern veterinary. Our technology is helping to reduce the phenomena of: food waste, food loss and drug resistance. We offer additional control layer for every food producer and processor along the entire from filed-to-fork chain.

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