European Start-up Days

14-15 May 2019


Spodek will again become an inspiring place on the start-up map of Poland

Accompanying event – 10th European Economic Congress 2018

European Economic Congress is the largest business event in Central Europe. The Congress is a three-day series of debates, meetings and accompanying events attended by 9 000 guests from Poland and abroad – the most prominent figures of politics, science, economy and business as well as chairmen of the largest corporations and investors. In more than a hundred of debates and discussions take part every year several hundred speakers. Each year, the events of the Congress are reported on by several hundred journalists from Polish and European media and news agencies.

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Techexpo Zone

You can read, listen to experts, watch a vlog. But why take the trouble? Many interesting, worthwhile and diverse projects can be admired and tested out in the Techexpo Zone! They once began as start-ups; today they are role models and inspiring success stories. Come to the Start-up Days in the Spodek Arena in Katowice and check out the following solutions:

  • AirVein

    The AirVein project employs drones for the transportation of blood, serum and drugs. . Time is of the essence, especially in sudden emergencies when life and health are at stake. Unmanned drones ensure fast and reliable delivery even in congested cities.

  • Airly

    Do you know what you breathe? More than 48 thousand people every year die prematurely on account of poor air quality... Special detectors provided by Airly allow smog levels to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Kraków is the first city in the world to boast a permanent network of real-time data sensors. The time has come to expand its scope!

  • Abyss Glass

    An interactive mirror will let you in on the latest fashion trends, present the assortment of the store and suggest discounts. You will also be able to try the chosen outfit on in a virtual fitting room. Scan the barcode of the item and instantly find out whether its size and colour suit you.

  • 1000 realities

    The Kraków-based start-up has turned its attention to virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to help brands forge strong relationships with customers "through innovative narrative methods and efficient presentation of products and services". Their projects will find a useful application in many sectors. Why do they receive so many accolades and awards? See for yourself...

  • 3dgence

    It is now a foregone conclusion that 3D printers will play a major role in the Industry 4.0 revolution. Can they already be labelled as a Polish specialty? Yes! Professional 3D printers by 3dgence stand out for their exquisite print quality and more... Check them out in the Techexpo Zone at the ESD.

  • SEEDia

    Benches? More than that. Smart urban furniture powered by solar energy. Cutting-edge, innovative small architecture solutions ideally adapted to the vision of a smart city. Solar benches with multiple non-standard applications for towns and people.

  • JedenŚlad

    Electric city scooters are the stuff of the future. Don't pay for parking, avoid traffic jams and reduce pollution! Scooters are also an excellent proposal for companies, since they can be used for food delivery, rented out or simply hired for company staff. For commuters, scooters offer a much cheaper alternative to passenger cars or taxis.

  • Facelytix

    Facelytix is a tool that taps "facial recognition" techniques to analyse the personality of job applicants and match them to appropriate occupational roles through an original mix of video technology and AI analytics. Come to the Techexpo Zone and find out first-hand why Keystone and Talento decided to invest in the project! Set up a date for a video session and visit the booth of Facelytix at the European Start-up Days!

    Discover the future of personality testing:

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    English version: 

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