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Green Meadow Technologies LTD

Green Meadow Technologies LTD

HEALTH & BIOTECHNOLOGY Medycyna, zdrowie, technologie medyczne, farmacja, biotechnologia

EquiGuardian focuses on horse vital functions and behaviour providing a unique form of monitoring horses in stables, especially at night when they are left unsupervised. We want to give our users a sense of security when something disturbing happens to their horses they will be notified immediately about it and EquiGuardian gives them time to react before the emergency arises. Our contactless technology, the first in the world, requires no sensors attached to a horse. It consists of 4 elements: EquiGuardian device equipped with 3 technologies (vision, thermal camera, radar), algorithms (breath rate and heart rate calculation), cloud service and mobile application. In the future EquiGuardian will not only display the measurement data but also will suggest the possibility of a given disease. We want to expand our system with a diagnostic module based on veterinary knowledge, medical database, behaviour analysis, absolute temperature measurement, big data analysis and sound recording.

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