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Self Learning Solutions Spz o.o.

Self Learning Solutions Spz o.o.

BUSINESS PROCESSES Zarządzanie, analityka, ICT, cyberbezpieczeństwo, logistyka, HR

Workflow for Fintech power by AI - Plug and Play decision engine provided in a SaaS model using cloud computing. SLS is a technology company providing high class solutions in the field of risk management, process optimization, increasing business scalability, reducing costs, maximizing profits etc. We work for Banks, FinTechs, NBFI, BNPL, Telcos, Collection companies, Factoring, Leasing. Our core product Decision Platform SLS is for digitalizing and automating workflow processes supported by machine and self learning algorithms. We provide not only decision engine but also fully integrated marketplace with lots of FinTech solutions and data sources. We are shortening implementation of processes from months to days and making processes real time manageable.

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