25 April 2023
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About competition

How to change an innovative project into a unicorn or at least a thriving business?

A win at the EEC Startup Challenge of the European Economic Congress can be a milestone on this path. It is evident from the stories of many famed successful startups.

The idea behind this great international exchange of innovative projects by young companies is to connect ingenious creators with those who seek inspiration and new investment opportunities. Yours can be among the hundred selected ideas that the jurors will evaluate. Find and be found! Have the business potential of your concept measured!

It is at the EEC Startup Challenge in Katowice that innovative companies and their leaders establish rapport with boards of businesses with managing experience, substantial capital, and interest in new technologies. With venture investors. With business angels. With state agencies. With mentors and experts. With the media. And with each other.

All you need is some courage and decision. Because the rules are simple.

Categories of the EEC Startup Challenge:

    Industry, energy, telecommunications, transport, construction, robotics, automation,
    Environmental protection: technologies for climate, organic farming, smart energy, the use of raw materials, and waste recycling;
    Medicine, health, medical technologies, pharmacy, and biotechnology;
    Management, business intelligence, ICT, cybersecurity, logistics, and HR;
    Trade and retail, customer experience, e-commerce, fintech, edutech, gaming, sport, and the leisure industry;


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