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A total of over 7,000 people, representatives from the worlds of politics and big business, come together in Katowice for the three days of the European Economic Congress. They take part in 100 debates, exchanging opinions, in order to jointly work out answers to the questions about the Polish economy’s future within Europe. Many of these individuals, bearing the development of their business interests in mind, are keen on finding new, innovative solutions that will enlarge their portfolios. These true greats of the Polish business world may wish to invest their capital in your business idea.

The European Economic Congress is an event that attracts the attention of all the economic media in the country. Every year there are about 500 accredited journalists at the Congress. The largest newspapers, radio stations and television channels set up their own studios, so that they can give a running commentary on each day’s events. This year start-ups will also attract their attention. After all, the media is always on the lookout for breaking news stories. Come to the Congress, tell us about your business and you’ll find yourself hitting the headlines.

The Spodek Arena has cult status in Poland. Above all, it is associated with concerts and sporting events. Over the last couple of years it has seen computer gamers come to the arena. The venue then takes on a completely different, cosmic appearance, giving the event an extraordinary dimension. In May the Spodek will not only be full of ideas, but also interesting features, designed especially for the European Start-up Days. This is the exceptional space in which you can present your own start-up.


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