Inauguration of the 12th edition of the European Economic Congress. Europe of the Future

2 September 2020 | 10.00-10.40

Inauguration of the 12th edition of the European Economic Congress


2 September 2020 | 10.40-12.00

Europe of the Future

EU in the face of new challengers. Next Generation EU – goals and tools of a comprehensive reconstruction of the economy. What has changed during the pandemic? Priorities of the EU policy by the year 2024 – how to act in a crisis? Conditions of an effective use of the new financial instruments.

  • Green Deal. Europe as a climate neutral continent by 2050. European Green Deal as a current growth strategy. Goals and ambitions. Tools and financing. Benefits and prerequisites for success. Economy for people. Employment, integration, investments. The social aspect of a market economy.
  • Europe in the era of digital acceleration. Digitalisation and telecommunication infrastructure as growth drivers.
  • The position of Europe in the world – the role of a responsible global leader. Assets and weaknesses. What can we – as the EU – accomplish together?


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