Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska

Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and ESR, MINDS (Management in Networked and Digital Societies), Kozminski University in Warsaw

Prof. Aleksandra Przegalinska - habilitated from management at Kozminski University and received her doctorate in the field of philosophy of artificial intelligence at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw. She is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Management in Digital and Networked Societies at the Leon Kozminski Academy and the Leader of AI in Management Program. Until recently, she conducted research at the Center for Collective Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. She graduated from The New School for Social Research in New York. In Autumn 2020 she will start research in the American Institute for Economic Research on the automation of work, and then join the Labour and Worklife Program at Harvard University. She is interested in the development of new technologies, natural language processing, humanoid artificial intelligence, social robots and wearable technologies. She is the author of Collaborative Society (The MIT Press) http://www. collaborativesociety.net/, published together with Dariusz Jemielniak.

Participates in the sessions:

  • The day after tomorrow. Predicting the future of business.